Why make ELMNTL a part of your life?


sustainable fashion

ELMNTL’s name comes from it’s mission towards sustainable fashion. 

How do we achieve this?
As a brand ELMNTL is focused on providing high quality material from sources that allow our customers like yourselves to wear fashion with a conscience.

Did you know tree could be soft? 
ELMNTL’s eco-friendly fabrics are made from beech trees, or more commonly known in the fashion industry as micro modal. In addition to leveraging high quality sustainable fabrics, we also produce our goods utilizing state of the art 3D printing technology. What this means is not a single piece of fabric is wasted.
Your contributions towards a greener planet won’t stop with feeling good in luxurious clothing. Every time you or your peers invest into ELMNTL, we invest back into the the source of our inspiration, earth. A tree is planted as our way of showing gratitude for your patronage and mother earth for providing.

We’d love to talk to you. Find us at @elmntl.nyc on Instagram or email at customer@elmntl.nyc to learn more.