ELMNTL NYC Sustainable Fashion About Us


About The Founder - Nayoung Lee

Nayoung was born and raised in Korea, and has worked in New York City for the past decade with multiple fashion houses. During this time she had gained exposure to overseas factories throughout China, India, and Bangladesh. 2013 became a turning point in her life when a tragic incident in Bangladesh resulted in thousand of people either tragically gone or wounded. From that moment forward, Nayoung's values towards ethical and sustainable production had begun to change.

The last straw was when she witnessed first-hand little girls being subjected to adult-like responsibilities because the adults were not being paid a fair living wage. It went against her own beliefs. To her, children should be children. They should be learning and building the character that will be the future of our society. Nayoung realized that the power to make change comes from the brand designers and the demands they make to their manufacturers. Her first step towards being the change she wanted to see, was to become a consumer of goods that aligned with her own beliefs of ethical and sustainable fashion.


Runway Style at Home

ELMNTL started with Nayoung's vision of creating better sleep/loungewear as she often worked remotely at home. Working from home often left her wondering whether to settle for style or comfort. 

Nayoung decided to pursue designing stylish yet comfortable clothing that would encompass the state of mind needed to tackle the work day. From there ELMNTL was born, modern comfort wear. Each piece is inspired by our customers, the modern woman who exudes style and confidence with the fresh feel of luxurious material.

The core of Nayoung's mission is to provide the modern women stylish sustainable choices.


What You Wear, Matters

All our pieces are made with meticulous attention to detail and with the highest quality fabrics carefully selected from vendors across the world. While quality and uniqueness are our main priorities, we always seek vendors who align with our beliefs for strict ethical codes that support sustainable fashion. Our mission is to demand better ways to design clothing that can make a meaningful and lasting change in the fashion industry.

A portion of sales here will go toward Save the Children, to support their mission dedicated to helping children in need around the world.