Nayoung Lee Founder of ELMNTL NYC Loungewear for Modern Women

In today’s world, sensory overload and over stimulation of the mind has become status quo. When it comes to clothing, brighter, flashier, and sparingly less has come to define what is and what’s not worth a “LIKE”.

ELMNTL as a brand finds its name in its very definition, essentials.

These essentials are where Founder Nayoung Lee has found her inspiration. Having spent a majority of her adult life in the world of high fashion, it was her childhood roots of spending days walking the factory floor with her father, chatting with seamstresses and cultivating relationships with buyers; Nayoung came to realize the modern woman is still heavily underserved. Today’s woman is confined to high fashion or comfortable but unflattering boyfriend tees.

With ELMNTL, Nayoung wants to deliver the best of both worlds, because these items like its namesake are essentials.